An Award-Winning Builder of Custom Homes in CT & NY


THREE Decades of quality

Nearly 35 years ago Davenport Contracting began the journey of becoming one of the most accomplished and respected builders in CT & NY, founded on a commitment to provide individualized attention to each project and client. Over the next three decades projects grew in size and complexity. Today, personal attention continues to distinguish Davenport from other builders.  

Shared values & goals

The Davenport culture embodies the principles of integrity, quality and dependability. From the principals to the newest assistant, each member of the Davenport team shares the same company goals and values. This cultural mindset is what sets Davenport apart and is Rick Koch’s legacy to the company he founded. Today, longtime partner and principal Brian MacDonald continues the Davenport spirit and quality with the help of his family. 

Realizing a shared vision

Davenport is committed to working with inspired homeowners and talented architects as a full partner, sharing the responsibility for creating homes and realizing a shared vision. Our team has proven time and time again, that the right partners can accomplish great things.

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