Richard Koch, Award-Winning Greenwich Builder & Founder of Davenport Contracting

Richard J. Koch began Davenport Contracting over 30 years ago as a family-based custom construction firm committed to individualized attention and exceptional quality.  Having worked college summers in the construction industry, Rick embraced the challenge of running his own business. Rick felt great satisfaction in creating unique, high quality homes and additions, and along the way having clients turn into true friends and supporters.

At first a client, Brian MacDonald soon became a partner, committed to Rick's construction philosophy and helping to grow the business. Over the years, Davenport grew into a multi-faceted company with a millwork and property management division, but always focused on producing a total Davenport experience of "delighting our customers".

Rick succumbed to cancer in 2016, but his wife Beth, and sons Gill and Teek bring their talents in marketing, design and site management to the Davenport offices and jobsites and job sites everyday. Brian and his family, Will MacDonald and Will Eckhoff, continue the legacy and spirit in which Davenport was founded over 30 years ago.