Residential Construction Services for Custom Homes,
Luxury Additions and Renovations in CT & NY


Pre-Construction Estimating Program

Davenport Contracting provides a pre-construction estimating/budgeting service for both the architect and prospective client who have a desire to build a residential project but want to know budget costs prior to finalized working drawings and specifications. We will work with both the architect and client from the initial schematic drawing phase to final working plans making recommendations to achieve the client's wish list in light of cost concerns.

Construction Management Services

For certain custom projects the construction management process is ideal for design/build where the scope of work evolves during the course of the building process.  For each phase of the project from pre-construction to final completion, a budget is created based on the scope of work as directed by the client and architect.  Davenport maintains a full-time estimator on staff to review the financial budget numbers for each phase of work.  The client pays Davenport a fixed fee based on time and materials.  Design/build changes can be made during the building process.  Davenport will review the future project with the client and architect to help decide if the construction management process is a viable option.

Fixed Bid Services

Ideal for clients with projects that are fully specified and ready to build when construction is started.  The project is priced from final construction drawings and specifications. A price and substantial completion date are agreed upon by both parties.

Construction Program for all Projects:

  • Use of standardized AIA (American Institute of Architects) documents for all contracts
  • Evaluation of schematic plans for house and property
  • Overall coordination between all parties including subcontractors, specialists, and civic planning/inspections.
  • Regular Site Visits
  • Owner and architect status review meetings
  • Detailed Pre-construction Preliminary Budgets, Final Approved Control Budgets and/or Estimates
  • Once construction has started monthly review of Control Budget throughout job including Pre-construction, Project Critical Path, Owner Decision, Architect Decision and Project Allowance schedules.

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